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Dec 28, 2016

Quinella Bets - What It Is And How To Make Bets In It

There are two categories of wagers in horse racing – straight and exotic wagers. Beginners, as a rule, stick to cheaper and easier straight ones, while more advanced horseplayers may opt for more difficult exotic bets, which also promise a bigger prize. A quinella bet belongs to the exotic wagers, and after you’ve mastered basic win, place, and show bets, take the next step and try your luck with this one.

Quinella Bet

So what is a quinella bet, and what distinguishes it from the other three exotic wagers? The quinella bet definition is rather short and simple – this is a wager type where you pick two horses to finish first and second in any order. Your payout doesn’t depend on which of the two crosses the finish line first.

Those of you who aren’t strangers to horse racing and are familiar with bet types may wonder what is the difference then between quinella betting and exacta box betting? To box an exacta, you also select two horses to come in first and second regardless of the order. But while the quinella is one wager, the exacta box is actually two wagers, meaning it is more expensive. For example, if you place $2 on the quinella bet, you pay $2 for your ticket, but when you place $2 on the exacta box, the price will be $4.

Naturally, the prize pool for the quinella is lower than the one for the exacta box, but your chances to cash in are higher. Considering which bet to place, keep in mind that the track takes a small percentage out of every bet, and the sum depends on the place you bet at, but the quinella percentage is typically lower, as it is a single bet.

As you see, although the quinella in horse racing belongs to the supposedly more complicated exotic wagers, some call it the easiest of the four. However, even here you are advised to follow the basic tips that enhance your chances to handicap a winner horse and get a payoff. First, before you place any bet, read the race program and pay attention to the data concerning the horse performance on the surface of the track you are at. Get familiar with the odds and learn statistics for the horse with the lowest odds – it is typically a favorite of the race.

Moreover, avoid races with either too small or too big fields. The ideal number of participants is ten, and your chances to win grow if none of them are first-time starters. And don’t forget to have fun when betting on horse racing regardless of your winnings, if any. Even if your pick doesn’t come in the top two spots, show your appreciation to all jockeys and horses, congratulate the winner, learn from your loss and get ready to try your luck next time.

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