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Dec 28, 2016

Trifecta Bets - What It Is And How To Make Bets In It

Horse race betting is a fascinating activity which has a lot to offer to both beginners and more advanced horseplayers. When you only make your first steps in the world of horse races, stick to basic types of bets, such as win, show and place wagers. And after you gain a bit of experience in handicapping a winner horse, move to the next level and try your luck with exotic bets.

Trifecta Bet

Along with an exacta, quinella and superfecta, a trifecta bet makes one of four exotic wager categories, with different kinds of trifectas available to skilled players. To place the trifecta, you need to pick three horses to finish first, second or third. In case this seems too challenging for you, place a box trifecta and select three runners to cross the finish line in any order. It gives you more chances to succeed, but the prize is smaller. Plus, the box trifecta also costs more as it is not a single bet.

Once you’ve figured out how to make a standard trifecta bet, take your chance with a multiple trifecta. Here, you may pick as many horses as you want for each placing. For instance, you can place five horses to come first, three horses to come second, and ten horses to come third. If any of your runners chosen for the first spot comes first, any of the runners chosen for the second spot comes second, and any of the runners chosen for the third spot comes third, you win.

Trifecta Betting System

Now that you know what the trifecta bet in horse racing is, it’s time to learn some wager tips in order to make your bets smarter. Although the exotic bets are the domain of the skilled and knowing, even experts don’t always have a definite strategy and handicap a horse based on their personal preferences and intuition. No doubt, your inner voice may be a good consultor, but it’s highly recommended to consider some other advice before placing your money on this or that horse. Unless you’re satisfied with participation alone, carefully study the racing program, know the major contenders and pick up a race where two of the participants with the lowest odds look weak.

Avoid races with less than ten participants and pay equal attention to handicapping both a winner and third finisher. Even if it seems that any horse can come in third, choose several key runners and place them in top spots, especially if you make the multiple trifecta. Don’t expect to win ten out of ten trifectas, but remember that even four out of ten will bring you good money and cover those losing tickets.

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