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Feb 3, 2014

The Ugly Face of Sports Gambling and How Sportsbooks and Traders Help Prevent Illegal Acts

Online sports betting sites are considered an upgrade for off-course and illegal sports gambling which has been available in the U.K. since before the 1960’s. In fact, it was only in 1960 that sports gambling were legalised, and taxes were collected. Over time, the country has modified the tax system for sports gambling so much so that even though the rate has decreased, the amount collected continues to increase. Of all the types of betting, sports betting and the use of sportsbooks is by far, the most popular since sports covers a lot of ground from horse races to competitive and contact sports. That being said; sports gambling bets are most vulnerable to illegal acts simply based on the number of bets placed in any given sports game. Being aware of what can happen will prevent online players and gamblers from being victimised by unscrupulous traders.

Match-Fixing With U.K. Sportsbooks

It is unfortunate that match-fixing exists in U.K. sports games and was frustrating for many when it was exposed once again last 2011 with football sportsbooks. It isn’t the fault of online betting sites since they are the conduit between the game and the bettor; they are part of the legal gambling system. Illegal acts like match-fixing are more often committed by sports teams, managers, individual players, and individual traders. Then again last December 2013, another arrest was made on match-fixing giving sports gambling the title of being the “ugliest wart” in online betting sites.

Sportsbooks and traders are often at the receiving end of the ire of gamblers and sports fans alike mainly because not many understand the system. The reality is sportsbooks and traders are the obstacles to match-fixing since they help spot unusual trends during the game. They are extremely familiar with sports gambling and the favoured team or athlete most likely to win, so they know when something is off tangent.

Sports betting sites are also part of a stop-gap to match fixing because part of their business is based on building trust. They need to assure players and bettors that everything is above-board and fair. Some of the best sport books will even go so far as to avoid lower league games because the chances of match-fixing are higher. This is because lower leagues games do not go through the same intense scrutiny as the premier league games. In addition, athletes in the premier sports games are paid higher wages and benefits which keep them away from the temptation of fixing a match.

Preventive Measures to Match-Fixing

The best sports books usually have a monitoring team and an extensive system to prevent match-fixing. They even report suspicious activity to authorities, so it is a lot wiser to book with these bookmakers than experiment with sports betting sites with poor or no credentials.

Finally, another preventive measure of bookies is to carefully screen and restrict overseas betting accounts until they prove themselves to be clean and above board.