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Best sports books and online betting sites in the UK

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Thanks to our best sports betting sites ranking you can choose your sportsbook. Check which one is on the first place, read sportsbook review and play without any fear! Read more


How to start?

Getting started with best sportsbooks is relatively straight forward, especially if you take the approach of utilising the right tools to help you. The first thing you will need for your online betting, is of course, the best online sportsbook. Where to find it? BETdetect.com is one of many places with top sportsbooks ranking.

There are so many online top sportsbooks available to choose, how do you sift through them all to find the right one for you? The answer is relatively simple, you find yourself a good independent sportsbook reviews guide, which will help you narrow the field of choice (yep, still BETdetect.com! :)). A good sportsbook review from a reputable source, will help you compare the best of the online sportsbooks, so that you don’t have to go trawling all over the web and visiting sites to find out which you like the best. Because there are so many features to online bookmakers, such as security, value and betting features, it really is good to have a helping hand through the quagmire of options.

So, one you have narrowed the field to find which best sportsbooks come highly recommended, then you can go and visit the said top bookmakers and pick one, or more of course. There is no limit to how many bookmakers you sign up with, as long as it is only one account with each. The next part of the process involves opening an account and depositing funds. With the research you will have done prior to landing at the bookmaker, you will know exactly just how to deposit funds. Some take funding from the likes of PayPal and Skrill (Moneybookers), while others prefer the usage of credit cards and bank transfers. It is also important to check before hand, what sources you can withdraw funds too, as some don’t allow withdrawal to credit cards. This really is where the importance of a good sportsbook review comes in. Be prepared. Once you have signed up and deposited your funds into your new online bookmaking account, you will be ready to dive right in and get on with your sports betting.

Remember to always stick with highly recommended online bookmakers, because they will invariably have good reputations based on great service. Make a list of any questions you have about betting online, such as security concerns, or the types of features you are looking for in the best sportsbook, so that you can cross reference when looking at the reviews. So, find yourself a good sportsbook, open and account and make a deposit. You will then have a vast sports book at your fingertips for your sports betting. Take your time and browse around the sports book, and familiarise yourself with what is on offer. You will gravitate towards your favourite sports of course, but it is important to remember that there is a whole world of betting opportunities beyond fixed odds outrights. The more you explore and familiarise yourself with different market aspects and different types of bets, the more enjoyable, and probably more profitable your online betting experience. Take your time with the process, so that you make the right decision from the off, especially if you are asking yourself how to start with online betting sites?


With the right tools in place, you will have at your fingertips an exciting world of online best bookmakers, with more options available to you than you probably even imagined. That is all part of the learning process, and exploring new bets and new sports as you go along, really do enhance the experience. Betting online is simple when you have a top sportsbook that delivers everything you need, and you can instantly manage your bets, your account, your favourite markets, as well as enjoy live sporting action with some bookies. The online betting world is vast, but you can really personalise it and make it your own.